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anardana in vegan_bento

Quinoa, Roasted Chickpeas and Broccoli

A humble lunch:

Lightly seasoned quinoa (nutritional powerhouse!), tamari-roasted chickpeas (if you have never had roasted chickpeas, do so soon!) and broccoli + a mini Larabar.


Looks healthy and delicious. It would be even better with a couple cherry tomatoes :)
Recipe for roasted chickpeas?
I'd wager they're Dreena Burton's. Recipe from her recipe blog.
Ooh, thanks!

I'm always looking for good recipes for healthy veggies; I know I don't get enough of them.
Yup, that's the recipe! Enjoy your veggies legumes!
Are the roasted chickpeas crunchy? Or are they just chickpeas with tamari? They sound delicious either way.
More chewy than crunchy.. they are best warm right out of the oven.


zomg.. mini larabars?!

must. find. O_O
They were samples from a vegan online store that I purchased from- they aren't available for purchase, unfrotunately.
where did you get the container?
It's this: http://www.organize.com/locklock2.html
I got it at the local department store.


That looks delish!