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epf in vegan_bento


I got to go to Ichiban Kan in Japantown for my eighteenth birthday to stock up on my first round of bento supplies so I could make
A pb&j and leftover strawberry shortcake on top with elephant and star rice balls with seaweed-flavored chips on the bottom. So cute! I am hooked!


Weren't you planning on going to Herbivore for your 18th birthday?

And that looks so cute. :) I want seaweed-flavored chips.
Yep! I went and it was wonnnnnnnnnnderful! I was really swayed by everyone's help in veganpeople :)
I'm jealous. I live in NC, which is BBQ Central. The best place I've been to for great vegan food is The Laughing Seed Cafe, which is all the way up in Asheville, 3-4 hours away. :(

Yay! Awesome! Thanks for posting.
ooh that makes me hungry!!! especially those chips ^^
Any new bentos to post? :)