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I miss seeing yummy bentos in this group. Hopefully, this will jumpstart it and people will post again.

This was one of my favourite lunches of the past week. I decided to call in "sick" to my job and hang out with a cousin who had a long stopover. We went to El Yunque and it was divine (as my lunch)!

You are seeing: tempeh/rice burgers, blanched spinach, marinated asparagus and a tomato (from my garden!). Next we have: enoki mushrooms, carrot kinpira, home-made pickled daikon (takuan) and more spinach; the ubiquitous rice and lastly, grapes and 2 almond-quinoa mini muffins.

It was a lot of food.

For more info, please click on photo.

Happy weekend!
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Week 1 Bento Challenge, COMPLETE!!!

Okay, so I'm doing the Bento Challenge from, and here are my results:

Made one bento (meant to make more, stuff kept coming up. Will be making a stock of pre-made bento stuff so I can have one every day.

I am counting calories, so I got a small bento set for snacks as well that has the ml right on it! yay! No trying to measure ml in cups!

I did exercise more than usual this week on purpose, but was out for two days due to trying to walk a considerrable distance doing lunge-speed-walking. I got a little too enthusiastic, and apparently I'm not ready for that. Since Caleb passed away, I haven't exercised at al, save for leisurely walks through the neighborhood.

I *WILL* be using he bento planner to make things easier. I will also attempt to start making the man-snack some bentos when he goes back to school. If he doesn't piss me off again by then.

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I got to go to Ichiban Kan in Japantown for my eighteenth birthday to stock up on my first round of bento supplies so I could make Collapse )

Commemoration Lunch

I'm really proud of this bento. Looks pretty and it was tasty too!

You are seeing: (top to bottom, left to right)

top: futomaki: carrot, marinated mushrooms, avocado and cucumber; inside out maki (spicy tempeh, avocado, scallion and carrot); broccoli; marinated tempeh; spinach gomaee and a strawberry

bottom: sugar snap peas; more of the spicy tempeh rolls, a vegan cupcake, the breakfast part of my box: vegan turkey slices and a container of margarine.

Please click on photo for more info. Comments are appreciated.

Aliens?@? (Lunch July 30th)

Aliens?@? (Lunch July 30th)
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I was feeling enterprising enough to make bunny baos. I'll let you be the judge of my success (or lack thereof).

You are seeing alien bao bunnies filled with mushrooms and cashews, edamame, teriyaki tofu, blueberries and a salad of spinach, carrots and snap peas. It was so delish!

For a bigger picture and more info, please click on it.
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Hi, I'm new. Since I saw another Laptop Lunchbox and some non-super fancy bentos, I'd thought I'd post mine!

Today's lunch:

From left:
- Homemade oatmeal! with agave nectar, raisins, and almonds- I've been sick of those instant packets so I wanted to try making rolled oats (these happen to be organic). It took like 5 minutes so it was practically instant.
- Zaru soba with lots of seaweed and Soy Vay Veri Teriyaki in the little lidded container
- Asian flavored steamed vegetables
- Mexican pinto beans- I should have put something else Asian themed but I had the beans and there we go.


From left:
- Vanilla soy yogurt in Tupperware container with Pumpkin Flax granola (in the Ziploc bag... the green thing doesn't always work) for breakfast
- Soybeans
- Parve Mountain Mix with the aaaaaaaaaaamazing Kopper Chocolate Lentils (they are the vegan version of M&Ms)
- Little cup of hummus
- Grilled eggplant and sprouts in a whole wheat pita.
- Sandwiched between the pita and the soybeans is an organic pomegranate fruit leather.
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