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irenahani in vegan_bento


TGIF! (Lunch June 20th)
Originally uploaded by hugegoddess.
I took a long break from posting my lunches. But I am proud of this one. The lunch features sushi, a vegan seitan steamed bun, sesame noodles and broccoli. A nice way to pamper myself. If you want more info please click on pic.


Gorgeous! I make homemade sushi quite often, but I haven't tried making a bun yet. I've seen the flour at the Asian store. How did it turn out? Personally, I used to love the lotus and mung bean buns before I went vegan.
I am not sure if you are thinking about daifuku (mochi) or steamed buns (Chinese style)? The buns used regular wheat flour and were made according to a couple of recipes off the web, seitan char siu
and from here
If you want mocchi you could try kittee's tutorial
Hope this helps.
Also I forgot to add, that the process is easy, but it takes a long time (mainly waiting for the dough to rise).