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irenahani in vegan_bento

Commemoration Lunch

I'm really proud of this bento. Looks pretty and it was tasty too!

You are seeing: (top to bottom, left to right)

top: futomaki: carrot, marinated mushrooms, avocado and cucumber; inside out maki (spicy tempeh, avocado, scallion and carrot); broccoli; marinated tempeh; spinach gomaee and a strawberry

bottom: sugar snap peas; more of the spicy tempeh rolls, a vegan cupcake, the breakfast part of my box: vegan turkey slices and a container of margarine.

Please click on photo for more info. Comments are appreciated.


Looks tasty! It's been a while since we've had a post.
It was delish! Thank you. I pack bento everyday, but post my lunches to the flickr vegan bento group. I don't like lj.
It's a beauty!
Thank you. It was really good too!
mmmmm, looks so good! sounds like a tasty meal.
Thank you.