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Vegan Bento

animal-free lunch

Vegan Bento!
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Vegan bento lunches!

This is a place to post pictures of your vegan bento lunches, and to discuss bento lunch ideas.

Bento is the Japanese version of a packed lunch.

Veganism is the philosophy of avoiding supporting the exploitation of animals. When it comes to diet, vegan foods contain no products from animals. As this is a vegan bento community, please do not post discussion or photos containing non-vegan foods here.

If you'd like some inspiration (aside from reading past posts), follow the links in the side-bar on the community's main page. (If you have any other links to suggest, please let me know!)


If you're looking for another kind of vegan community, there is a large, categorised list at the community information page of vegpromo, and a list of regional communities in the userinfo of vegantravel :)